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About me

I am teaching probability and statistical theory, time series analysis and social mathematics for analyzing real-world phenomena. In my laboratory, the strategic statistical modeling is applied to the various phenomena in our livings. For example, evaluating professional baseball players is examined by statistical methods.
Current major interests are developing statistical methods of measuring financial and economic risks for analyzing a mechanism of crises and bubbles, modeling preference factors for the equity market, and statistical modeling for a phenomenon with insufficient information.

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Major research projects


7sovregidxZoomApr17.pngThe sovereign risk for the Asia Pacific have slightly increased while those for the other regions have weakened. LinkIcon


Major news

October 2017
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September 2016
Talked: Investigation of the sudden trend changes of financial markets, at the Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting in Kanazawa.
January 2016
Received the best paper award: Kariya, T., Yamamura, Y., Tanokura, Y. and Wang, Z. Credit Risk Analysis on Euro Government Bonds-Term Structures of Default Probabilities, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, November 2015, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 397-427.LinkIcon
December 2015
Published: Tanokura, Y. and Kitagawa, G. Indexation and Causation of Financial Markets, Springer.LinkIcon
March 2014
Talked: Market Ratings of CBs via Credit Risk Price Spreads in US, at the International Conference on Finance and Financial Econometrics & Engineering in Tokyo.
November 2013
Talked: Sovereign Credit Risk Analysis through Statistical Modeling, at the International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Applications in Tokyo.
August 2013
Talked and published: Tanokura, Y., Tsuda, H., Sato, S. and Kitagawa, G. Index Development for a Market with Heavy-tailed Distributions, the proceedings of the 59th ISI World Statistics Congress in Hong Kong, pp. 3469-3474.LinkIcon
February 2013
Talked: Detection of spillover effects of the financial crisis in terms of time series analysis, at the symposium celebrating the Ouchi prize for Dr. Kitagawa in Azabu.
July 2012
Talked: Trend in sovereign risks in terms of sovereign CDS distribution-free indices, at the financial market international forum: Global Market Solutions 2012 in Yaesu.
March 2012
Contributed Chapter 15: Tanokura, Y., Tsuda, H., Sato, S. and Kitagawa, G. Constructing a Credit Default Swap Index and Detecting the Impact of the Financial Crisis, in Economic Time Series: Modeling and Seasonality, eds. by Bell, W. R., Holan, S. H. and McElroy, T. S., CRC Press, pp 359-380.LinkIcon


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