Geometric Software   (by Kokichi Sugihara)

The following are computer programs for geometric computation designed using robust implementation techniques such as the exact arithmetic and the sympolic perturbation together with the acceleration technique based on the lazy evaluation.
They are open to those who agree with the following conditions. If you could agree, please copy the agreement, fill it, and send it to the author by e-mail or facsimile or air mail. Then, use them freely (algothough the author will not reply to the sent agreement).
  1. The user uses the software for nonprofit nonmilitary purposes only.
  2. When the user publishes any results obtained by using the software, he explicitly states in the paper that he used the software. Also he sends a reprint of the paper to the author.
  3. The user reports to the author any trouble he meets in the use of the software. (The author will remove bugs, if any, in his earliest convenience.)
  4. The author do not bear responsibility for any trouble that the user meets in the use of the software.
Author's address
Kokichi Sugihara
Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences
Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Property
Meiji University
1-1-1 Higasimita, Tamaku, Kawasaki 214-8571, Japan
E-Mail :kokichis(a)

Two-Dimensional Structures

Three-Dimensional Structures

Four-Dimensional Structures

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