Research Interests

Model-aided understanding of nonlinear non equilibrium states, Self-organized patterns, reaction-diffusion systems

Ongoing Reserch and Joint Researcher

  1. Competitor-mediated coexistence on competition-diffusion systems
    Joint Researchers: Makoto Tohma (St. Andrew's Univ.), Lorenzo Contento (Meiji Univ. D3)
  2. Diversity of E.coli colonies
    Joint Researcher: Akihiro Aotani (Hiroshima Univ.)
  3. Model-aided understanding of E.coli colonization model
    Joint Researcher: Rajal Celenski (Univ. Wroclawski, Poland), Danielle Hilhorst (Univ. Paris-Sud, France), Grezegorz Karch (Univ. Wroclawski, Poland)
  4. Tumor growth model with contact inhibition and free boundary problem
    Joint Researchers: Michiel Bertsch (Univ. Rome II, Italy), Danielle Hilhorst (Univ. Paris-Sud, France), Tohru Wakasa (Kyushu Inst. of Tech., MIMS), Hirofumi Izuhara (Univ. Miyazaki, MIMS)
  5. Diversity of smoldering patterns in microgravity
    Joint Researchers: Antonio Fasano (Univ. Firenze, Italy), Mario Primicerio (Univ. Firenze, Italy), Ekeoma R. Ijioma (Meiji Univ., MIMS/CMMA), Hirofumi Izuhara (Univ. Miyazaki, MIMS)
  6. A link between micro and macro models of chemotactic aggregation of individuals
    Joint Researchers: Hirofumi Izuhara (Univ. Miyazaki, MIMS), Tadahisa Funaki(Univ. Tokyo), Chiyori Urabe (Univ. Tokyo)
  7. Infinite dimensional relaxation oscillation
    Joint Researchers: Shin-Ichiro Ei (Hokkaido Univ.), Hirofumi Izuhara (Univ. Miyazaki, MIMS)
  8. Plague model of toxic palnkton
    Joint Researchers: Hideo Ikeda (Univ. Toyama), Tommaso Sotti (Meiji Univ.)
  9. Mathematical analysis of desertification model
    Joint Researchers: Mattieu Alfaro (Univ. Montpellier 2, France), Hirofumi Izuhara (Univ. Miyazaki, MIMS)
  10. Traveling waves on three varieties of competition diffusion system
    Joint Researchers: Hideo Ikeda (Univ. Toyama), Tomoyuki Ogawa (Meiji Univ.), Chiun-Chuan Chen (Natinal Taiwan Univ.)